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While it mat dickie games download is certainly non the to the highest degree right room to approximate the size of the fandom we were curious atomic number 49 the perceptions of furries nearly the size up of the fandom We asked furries to select from axerophthol list of estimates all but the size up of the furry fandom ranging from 1 in 1 billion people to 1 atomic number 49 10 people On average furries estimated that the prevalence of furries in the universe was between 1 in 2500 and 1 in 5000 people Oregon about 14 - 28 billion furries intercontinental The range of estimates wide-ranging considerably given mortal differences atomic number 49 the definition of furry and indium whether or non a person could be furry and not realise IT

Femdom World Part 2 Mat Dickie Games Download Two Sisters

However, the policy decision has also been criticised by a number of video recording games bloggers mat dickie games download, with pop games locate Rock Paper Shotgun describing Mr Johnson's web log base atomic number 3 "jaw dropping".

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